Coinduction and Bisimulation

  • In this conference paper:Davide Ancona and Agostino Dovier.
    Co-LP: Back to the Roots(ICLP 2013)

    we have analyzed the semantics and the intrinsic computational limits of co-inductive logic programming. An extended version of the paper has then accepted in a  Journal:

    Davide Ancona and Agostino Dovier.
    A theoretical perspective of Coinductive Logic Programming
    To appear in Fundamenta Informaticae. (draft)

    This is the DEMO file used at the CILC 2013 presentation of the paper in Catania.

  • In this conference paper:Agostino Dovier, Logic Programming and Bisimulation, TC @ ICLP 2015 (to appear)

    we have used nine alternative encodings of the Maximum Bisimulation problem (Prolog, ASP, coLP, {log}).

    All encodings are here:  Bisimulation Encodings.

    Additional tables referred in the paper are here: TABLES (ICLP2015)

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