Two new projects

CLPLAB is involved in two new projects with local companies:

  • Sistema HW/SW di raccolta dati real-time in ambito automotive per  soluzioni di mobilità sostenibile (partner industriale: Qualibit srl)
  • Sistema di pianificazione adattiva per soluzioni di mobilità sostenibile (partner industriale TELLUS)

Now, let’s work.

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New Conf. Paper: ICPP 2013

The paper: Protein Structure Prediction on GPU:  a Declarative Approach in a Multi-agent Framework, by F. Campeotto, A. Dovier, and E. Pontelli is accepted in ICPP conference (IEEE) Lyon (FR), October 2013.


This paper provides a novel perspective in  the Protein Structure Prediction (PSP) problem. The PSP problem focuses on determining putative 3D structures of a protein starting from its primary sequence. The proposed approach relies on a multi-agents approach, where concurrent agents explore the folding of different parts of a protein. The strength of the approach lies in the agents’ ability to apply different types of knowledge (expressed in the form of  declarative constraints to prune the local space of folding alternatives. The paper demonstrates the suitability of a GPU approach to  implement such multi-agent infrastructure, with significant improvements in speed and quality of solutions w.r.t. other methods (e.g., based on  fragments assembly approaches).


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New paper: TPLP 13(02)

Autonomous agents coordination: Action languages meet CLP(FD) and Linda



The paper presents a knowledge representation formalism, in the form of a high-level Action Description Language (ADL) for multi-agent systems, where autonomous agents reason and act in a shared environment. Agents are autonomously pursuing individual goals, but are capable of interacting through a shared knowledge repository. In their interactions through shared portions of the world, the agents deal with problems of synchronization and concurrency; the action language allows the description of strategies to ensure a consistent global execution of the agents’ autonomously derived plans. A distributed planning problem is formalized by providing the declarative specifications of the portion of the problem pertaining to a single agent. Each of these specifications is executable by a stand-alone CLP-based planner. The coordination among agents exploits a Linda infrastructure. The proposal is validated in a prototype implementation developed in SICStus Prolog.

Official Entry in the Journal

Free Version on CORR

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GULP elections

The relevance of CLP Lab in the Italian community of Logic Programming  GULP has been witnessed by the election results

  • Agostino Dovier has been elected as president of the association.
  • Andrea Formisano, Enrico Pontelli, and Alessandro Dal Palù have been elected as members of the Executive Committee (Consiglio Direttivo).
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CLP lab @ Québec City

Alessandro dal Palù presented the paper “A Filtering Technique for Fragment Assembly-based Proteins Loop Modeling with Constraints” at the 18-th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming in Québec City, Canada.

Alessandro Dal Palù presenting the paper

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CLP lab @ ACP School

CLP lab contributed to the Association for Constraint Programming by sharing the expertise on Constraints and Biology in the summer school in Wrocław (Poland).

This is the web site of the school, this is our material, and this is a report on that school.

Enjoy it!

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CLP lab won the 19th Prolog Programming Contest

We are proud to announce that the CLP DIMI lab team composed by Alessandro Dal Palù, Agostino Dovier, and  Enrico Pontelli won the 19th Prolog Programming Contest organized by the Association for Logic Programming in Budapest in September 6, 2012.

A report on the contest can be found here


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The CLP lab is born!

Buongiorno a tutti

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